Athletic Director in Charge: Ellsworth
Match Times: Varsity - 7:00 p.m.
JV – Start time for matches will begin by mutual agreement of the coaches.  If a team does not have enough JV wrestlers (less than eight on a team), the match will be an exhibition so there would be no forfeits.  Teams that do not have a full JV team must notify the other team so arrangements can be made.
Warm up Time: Weigh-in will be according to WIAA and National Federation Rules.  Weigh-in time for both varsity and JV will be by mutual agreement of the coaches.
Results: Host school will be responsible for reporting results to the MBC commissioner and the media.  
Season Schedule:  A conference single round schedule of dual matches shall be wrestled by each school.  Dual match schedule will rotate every two years.

Conference Championship: The conference championship shall be decided by a tournament.  Individual championships in each weight class will be determined the same way.

Conference Meet:     
1. The MBC meet will be hosted by the conference schools in a rotating alphabetical system.  
2. The MBC meet will be held seven (7) days prior to the WIAA tournament’s opening date.
3. Entry Fee:  Each participating school will be charged $50.00 in their MBC fees.
4. Officials:  The MBC commissioner shall be responsible for contracting three WIAA officials for this meet.
5. Admission:  Host school will charge admission.  Amount shall be according to MBC by-laws and MBC passes will be honored.

Finances: The WIAA format for tournament finances will be used for wrestling with part of the profit going to the MBC.  
1. Host takes out the expenses for running the tournament.
2. Cost of the MVP trophy comes out of expenses.
3. Seventy-five (75) percent of the profit goes to the conference.
4. Remaining twenty-five (25) percent goes to host school.
5. Host school makes/sells the conference program and may sell them for their profit.

Meet Regulations:
1. At least one week prior to the conference meet, the host meet director will provide materials pertinent to the running of the meet to all conference schools.
2. Tournament Set-up: Eight (8) man championship bracket will be used with a consolation bracket with cross-bracketing and wrestle-backs through third place.  
3. In the finals, fifth place matches will be run on two mats. Third and first place matches will follow being run simultaneously on two mats. All consolation matches will be 2-2-2.
4. WIAA handbook will be used for seeding with conference records used only.  Procedure as follows:
A. Seeding will be done through trackwrestling.com for pre-seeding purposes.
B. The seeding meeting will take place on Saturday of the tournament as soon as weigh-ins have been completed.
C. Five (5) matches minimum, greater than or equal to fifty (50) percent is seedable.
D. Conference dual record win/loss.
E. Head-to-head competition
F. Conference placing
G. Vote (majority rules)
H. Scoring will be to six (6) places.

Set up guidelines for conference meet:
8:00 a.m. Weigh in
9:30 a.m. Preliminary Matches
15-30 minutes between sessions
Ticket Prices:  1st/2nd/3rd Session $6/$5/$4 and $5/$3/$3
Conference Award: No conference trophy will be given in an individual sport.
Individual Conference Awards:        First three (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each weight class. - Medals
                                                            Outstanding Wrestler of Tournament – Plaque
                                                            Richard Fuller Award – Voted by coaches at tournament
Medals, plaque and Fuller award will be ordered and provided by commissioner.
Approved:                                          (11/9/16)