Athletic Director in Charge: Ellsworth
Match Times: Varsity - 7:00 p.m.
JV – Start time for matches will begin by mutual agreement of the coaches.  If a team does not have enough JV wrestlers (less than eight on a team), the match will be an exhibition so there would be no forfeits.  Teams that do not have a full JV team must notify the other team so arrangements can be made.
Warm up Time: Weigh-in will be according to WIAA and National Federation Rules.  Weigh-in time for both varsity and JV will be by mutual agreement of the coaches.
Results: Host school will be responsible for reporting results to the MBC commissioner and the media.  
Season Schedule:  A conference single round schedule of dual matches shall be wrestled by each school.  Dual match schedule will rotate every two years.

Conference Championship: The conference championship shall be decided by a tournament.  Individual championships in each weight class will be determined the same way.

All Conference Wrestling



  • A total of 42 wrestlers will be awarded All Conference Honors 
    • 1st Team, 2nd Team, and Honorable Mention
  • No More than 28 wrestlers will make up the 1st and 2nd team
  • Wrestlers are selected and voted on based on performance regardless of weight class


  • Coaches will submit nominations via MBC All-Conference Nomination Form 
  • Nominations should include: state qualifier status, State result, conference record, sectional result, overall record, grade, weight class
  • A new form will be completed by the coach for each wrestler they want to be considered
  • Females who competed in the regular season dual meets will be considered for All Conference Honors
    • Females may not be considered in both the regular season honors and Female only honors
  • Wrestlers not nominated to their AD prior to the meeting will not be considered

Automatic First Team Recipients: 

  • State qualifying wrestlers and those who went 6-0 in conference duals will be automatically selected to the first team
    • If a wrestler is undefeated, but did not wrestle in all 6 duals, they will need to be voted to first team
    • First team will be capped at 14 unless there are more than 14 state qualifiers and 6-0 wrestlers


  • We will not use a numbered system
  • Coaches will vote for the athletes that they think deserve the recognition for the remaining spots per team 
  • Vote on remaining spots for first team
  • Vote on second team
  • Vote on third team
    • Ties will be broken based off of a secondary vote after each coach speaks to their athlete’s accomplishments
  • Vote on wrestler of the year

Female Proposal:

  • Any female wrestler who competes at the female state tournament will be awarded First Team All Conference Honors 
  • Coaches vote for Honorable Mention
    • Separate from the 42/14 All Conference and first team awards for regular season
    • Females awarded regular season honors in the MBC will not be considered for female only honors

Approved:                                          (11/9/16)