Athletic Director in Charge:              Baldwin-Woodville
Start Times:                                        Varsity             4:15 p.m.  
JV                     4:15 p.m.
August matches prior to the start of school may be adjusted at Coaches/Athletic Directors discretion.
Warm up Time:                                  Each player is allowed a maximum of ten (10) minutes warm-up prior to their first match of the day.
Uniforms:                                            WIAA rules will govern uniforms
Equipment:                                        Any of the following tennis balls are acceptable for conference us and must be pressurized and optic yellow in color:  Penn, Wilson, Dunlop.
Referees and Scorers:                        The home coach shall act as the official match referee.  The coach shall decide on all matters pertaining to the meet.
Spectators:                                         All non-participants must remain outside the fenced area.
Results:                                               The home coach shall send score to the conference commissioner and media at the latest, the morning following the match.  Home coach will email individual results to all other coaches.
Conference Championship:               Conference championship will be decided by a combination of dual and tournament play.
Conference Dual Meet:                     The following rules will govern dual meets: USTA and WIAA rules shall govern at all times.  Dual matches shall consist of a 4-3 format with no crossovers (4 singles and 3 doubles.)
1. Visiting team arrival will be approximately fifteen (15) minutes prior to the match (unless no loss of school time.) In the case of a team being late for a match, not more than a thirty minute (30) delay will be allowed.
2. All players must be present at the start of a match.  Individual players and double teams will be penalized for being tardy in regard to the scheduled starting time, as per WIAA Tournament rules.  
3. Coaches shall exchange written line-ups prior to the start of the meet.
4. Coaches must play players in their properly ranked positions or give satisfactory reason for any change.  Should a player established at a certain position not be available for a particular meet, the coach may forfeit that position.
5. Should a school not have ten (10) varsity players available for play, forfeits should be applied to the lowest flights.
6. All matches shall be best two out of three with ad (advantage) scoring.  In the event of a tie at 6-6, a twelve point (12) tie breaker will be played.  The coaches have the right, depending on weather, facilities and darkness, to play under a different format.  This would require mutual consent by both coaches.
7. Matches stopped because of weather or darkness stop exactly as they stand with notation of game score, side of court, etc.  Cancelled matches will be completed before the conference tournament if possible.
8. The team winning the greater number of matches will win the dual match.
9. A team receives two (2) points for a conference dual match win towards the conference championship and one (1) point for a dual match tie.
Conference Tournament:                 
1. The MBC meet will be hosted by MBC schools on a rotating basis provided they have eight (8) courts available for play.
2. The conference tournament decides individual singles and doubles champions only; no tournament trophy is awarded.
3. The MBC tournament shall be conducted as a one (1) day meet.  The conference tournament shall be held the Tuesday before the WIAA tournament series begins.
4.  An MBC JV meet will be held the Saturday prior to the MBC varsity meet.
5. The meet director will inform all members of the conference ten (10) days before the tournament as to location and information about the tournament.
6. The host school will provide a scoreboard of some type.
7. The seeding meeting will take place the night before the conference tournament at a central location to the conference teams or at the discretion of the tournament host.  The meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m.
8. Players will be seeded according to their conference dual meet record.
9. Each participating team shall consist of ten (10) members.
10. Each school shall enter four (4) singles players and three (3) doubles teams in the tournament.
11. A player in the conference tournament may not play both singles and doubles.
12. If a player cannot play at the conference tournament, that team may use a direct substitute as per the WIAA State Tournament rule, or forfeit at the player’s position.
Conference Tournament Scoring:
1. All  matches will follow the WIAA tournament format even first round matches.
2. A team receives two (2) points for a conference dual match win towards the conference championship and one(1) point for a dual match tie.  The conference tournament points are as follows:
               Team                                 Points
Champion                                10
Second                                     8
Third                                         6
Fourth                                       4
Fifth                                          2
Sixth                                         1

Conference Award:                            No conference trophy will be given in an individual sport.
All Conference Awards:                     Individual Medals for all four (4) singles and three (3) doubles shall be awarded to the first three (3) place winners at each flight.
Approved:                                          (11/9/16)