Athletic Director in Charge:               Osceola
Annual Meeting Date:                       Convenient date just before playoffs.
Game Times:                                       Varsity             4:30 p.m.
JV                     4:30 p.m. if played at the same time or following the varsity game.
Warm Up Times:                                 Set clock at 20 minutes.  
Five minutes before game, players to bench.  
Results:                                               Both teams enter final scores into rSchool.
Equipment:                                        Uniforms – The HOME team will wear white on all levels
                                                            Game ball – Game ball shall be any NHFS ball.
Season Schedule:                               A double round robin schedule will be used.
Postponed games shall be played when mutually agreed upon.
Games which have played into the second half before being stopped by the officials for unsafe weather conditions (i.e. lightning) will be considered complete.  
Games stopped in the first half will need to be continued from the stoppage point at a mutually agreed upon time and place.
Conference Championship:               Conference championships will be determined as follows: 2 points for each conference win, 1 point for a tie, most points is the champion.
Conference Awards:                          Championship team will be given fifty dollars ($50.00)
towards the purchase of a plaque or trophy (school choice) Each member of the championship team will be given a certificate noting the sport and year of the team championship.  Commissioner will provide appropriate number to each championship team.
All-Conference Selection:                  All-conference team will be selected by a meeting of the
                                                            head soccer coaches at the end of the conference
(11) 1st Team Members and 1 Keeper voted on Separately
(11) 2nd Team Members and 1 Keeper voted on Separately
All-Conference Procedure:               
Two weeks before the last MBC contest the MBC Commissioner will request nominations from each team using official forms found on MBC website.
Commissioner will compile a list and send a copy to each coach for consideration prior to the selection meeting.
At the selection meeting, each coach will be given time to talk about his/her nominations before the official voting.
One coach from each school will vote but he/she may not vote for a member of his/her school.  Each coach must fill the ballot completely.  They will vote for 22 players.

Voting procedures for all conference will be as follows:  The number one player in the conference determined by the coaches shall be given the highest number corresponding with the number of all conference players selected.
The number two player will be assigned 21 points and it will continue on in this pattern.

The total number of points from all of the coaches will be tallied.

The 11 players with the highest number of points will be 1st team all conference and the next 11 players with the highest number of points will be 2nd team all conference.

Coach of the Year:                              Coaches will select a coach of the year.
Player of the Year:                             Coaches of players on the first team will have the option to nominate of their players (from the first team) for Player of the Year honors.  All coaches will then vote for player of the year from the nominees brought forward.  Coaches may  not vote for their own player for Player of the Year honors.
All Conference Awards:                     1st Team All Conference – Certificates (12)
                                                            2nd Team All Conference – Certificates (12)
                                                            Appropriate number will be provided by commissioner.
Approved:                                          (11/9/16)