Athletic Director in Charge:              St. Croix Central (Girls) – Somerset (Boys)
Start Times:                                        Varies by school/course (try to schedule as close to 4:15 as
Meet Entry Fee:                                  Each participating school will be charged $50.00 in their MBC fees.
Results:                                               Host school will be responsible for reporting results to the MBC commissioner and the media.  
Season Schedule:                               Golf coaches and commissioner will establish the schedule. Regular Matches – 9 holes:  Points 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, no play-off. Tournament – 18 holes:  Points 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
Conference Meet:                              The MBC meet will be hosted by the conference schools in a rotating alphabetical system.  In the event that a school cannot host (no course, etc.) during their year, the meet shall automatically go to the next school in the alphabetical rotation.

Meet Regulations:                            
At least one week prior to the conference meet, the host meet director will provide a pertinent information for the meet, times, etc.
The MBC Meet will be 18 holes with the following tie breaker procedure.
All ties for first place will result in a playoff.
If a tie results other than for first place, the point(s) will be split.
In case of a tie, a 5-person sudden death playoff will be held at the tournament site immediately after the tournament.
The best four (4) out of five (5) scores will be counted.
If a tie continues, all five (5) players go on to the next hole and start a new playoff.
If a playoff is required in team competition and player competition, the team playoff is first. 

Conference Championship:               Both regulation matches (9 holes) and conference tournament. (18 holes) points will be used to decide a conference champion.
Conference Award:                            No conference trophy will be given in an individual sport.
All-Conference Selection:                  The all conference team is picked on points over the regular season matches and the tournament play.  
Golfers with the ten (10) best point totals earn all conference awards.
The next five (5) are named honorable mention all conference.
The golfer with the best point total is the conference medalist.  If a tie occurs for places two-fifteen (2-15), the golfer with the best score at the MBC tournament will get the higher medal and/or place. 
All Conference Awards:                     1st Team All Conference – Medals (10)
                                                            Honorable Mention – Certificates (5)
                                                            Medals and certificates will be ordered and provided by
JV MATCHES:                                      The conference JV matches will be conducted under a two division format.  One division will be north schools (Amery, New Richmond, Osceola and Somerset, the other schools will be in a south division (Baldwin, Ellsworth, Prescott, St. Croix Central.)  Each team in their division will host one home meet for other schools in their division.

JV Conference Meet: The JV Conference meet will be held at Pheasant Hills each year.
Other Information:                            USGA rules will govern all play except where local rules may be invoked for special circumstances.  During a nine hole conference match, if all competitors play and compete the same six holes the match will be considered a complete match.  During the conference tournament if everyone plays and completes the same nine holes the tournament is considered complete.

Approved:                                          (11/9/16)