All conference meeting Oct 15th, Champs New Richmond, 7pm


Athletic Director in Charge:              St. Croix Central
Annual Meeting Date:                       1st Wednesday after the conference season.
Game Times:                                       Varsity             7:00 p.m.
                                                            Procedure for varsity contests:
6:53 – Teams on field for National Anthem (Scoreboard
                                                            clock at 0:00)
                                                            6:55 – Introduction of teams
                                                            7:00 - Kickoff
                                                            C Squad/JV 4:30 followed by 2nd game (about 6:00 p.m.)
Times:                                                 Locker rooms must be available at 5:20 p.m.
                                                            JV games will be 10 minute quarters with a 5 minute half.
C Squad games will be 9 minute quarters with a 5 minute half.Varsity games will be 12 minute quarters with a 10 minute half.  
Results:                                               Both teams enter final scores into rSchool and report scores to media.
Equipment:                                        The HOME team will wear dark jerseys on all levels.
                                                            Game ball shall be the Official WIAA Tournament series
ball. Home schools will provide a minimum of two new balls per game.  
Team Rosters:                                    Team rosters sent to other schools will include height, weight, year and position.
Season Schedule:                               Schedules shall be based on a home and away arrangement with a 2 year rotation.
JV/C Squad schedule will be opposite varsity.  For example if you host on Friday night, on the following Monday the JV/C squad will be away.
Conference Championship:               Will be determined by conference record during the year.  In the event of a tie, the championship will be shared.
Tiebreaker Procedure for WIAA Seeding Purposes only (If Needed)
  1. Head to Head
  2. Points allowed in 1st quarter of all MBC games
  3. Points allowed in 1st half of all MBC games
  4. Coin Flip
  5. Teams must keep quarter scoring statistics for all
 conference games.
Film:                                                    Each team will exchange films with each of the other teams.  Two game films of the games two weeks prior shall be hared via HUDL.  
                                                            Exchange of game film outside of the MBC is prohibited.
Conference Awards:                          Championship team will be given fifty dollars ($50.00)
                                                            towards the purchase of a plaque or trophy (school choice)
Each member of the championship team will be given a
certificate noting the sport and year of the team championship.  Commissioner will provide appropriate number to each championship team.
All-Conference Selection:                  All-conference team will be selected by a meeting of the
                                                            head football coaches at the end of the conference
                                                            season.  Forty-Eight  (48) Team Members
                                                            Twelve (12) HM Members.
All-Conference Procedure:               
  1. Process will be that nominations will be sent to commissioner by the Friday before.
  2. There will be a 26 team first team all conference  (current in MBC is 48 total) (medals)
  3. 12 offense (includes one tight end), 11 defense, one kicker, one punter, one specialist.
  4. There will also be a 26 member second team all conference (certificates)
  5. 12 offense (includes one tight end), 11 defense, one kicker, one punter, one specialist.
  6. Voting will be done by position.  Coaches will determine the makeup of the offensive and defensive teams using the following numbers (i.e. 5-3-3 versus a 4-4-3 defensive alignment.)
Voting Procedure:
  1. Voting will be done position by position.
  2. At each position, coaches will discuss their players and then a vote will be taken.
  3. If there are five players(x) on first team for that position, each coach will list their top five choices for that team with 5 points given to their top choice, 4 points to their second, etc.
  4. This will be done for each position with corresponding points according to how many players(x) make first team.
  5. If only one player is on first team (for example the quarterback,) then the coaches will designate 2 points for the top choice and 1 for the second.
  6. The top x number of players will represent the first team while the second x number will represent second team at each position.
Coach of the Year:                              Coaches will select a coach of the year.
All Conference Awards:                     All Conference – Cetificates(48)
                                                            Honorable Mention – Certificates (12)
                                                            Appropriate number will be provided by commissioner.
Approved:                                          (11/9/16)