Athletic Director in Charge:              Amery
Warm-Up Time:                                  As per WIAA regulations
Results:                                               Host school will be responsible for reporting results to the MBC commissioner and the media.  
Season Schedule:                               Schools schedule individual meets.
Conference Meet:                             
The MBC meet will be hosted by the conference schools in a rotating alphabetical system.  In the event that a school cannot host (no course, etc.) during their year, the meet shall automatically go to the next school in the alphabetical rotation.
The MBC host school on any particular year will schedule an invitational during the season prior to the MBC meet.  All other MBC schools are automatically invited to participate in it.  This invitational must be run on the same course on which the MBC meet will be run.
The MBC meet must be conducted at least 7 days prior to the WIAA tournament’s opening date.
Timing Service:  A chip timing service shall be used to time the meet.  The conference commissioner shall be responsible for securing the timing service in a timely fashion.  The commissioner shall secure the contract and make payment to the service according to their terms.
Officials:  The MBC commissioner shall be responsible for contracting two WIAA officials for this meet.
Admission:  Host school has the choice to charge admission.  Amount shall be according to MBC by-laws and MBC passes will be honored.Meet Regulations:
At least one week prior to the conference meet, the host meet director will provide a map of the course as well as other materials pertinent to the running of the meet to all conference schools.
In the event that fewer than four schools can field a complete boys or girls team, competition will be held, though not for a conference championship.  In that case, all boys or girls will run together in the time slot of the JV race.
The MBC meet will begin at 4:15 p.m. with the second race beginning at 5:00 p.m. or as soon as possible hereafter.  The order of races will be the same as the current year WIAA tournament order.
JV boys and JV girls will run in the same race as the varsity, but separate scores will be kept for the two levels.
The conference course will be clearly marked with flags and lines (painted) that will be used to guide runners through the difficult or double-back parts of the course.
Schools will be placed alphabetically on the starting line that will be boxed and clearly marked.
Each competing school will be allowed not more than seven (7) runners that represent their varsity.  An unlimited number of JV entrants will be allowed. 
Conference Championship:               Conference championships will be determined by adding the place Points of the top five (5) finishers of each school.
Conference Award:                            No conference trophy will be given in an individual sport.
All-Conference Selection:                  The top seven runners in each varsity race will be names 1st team All-Conference, next seven runners will be named 2nd team All-Conference.
All Conference Awards:                     1st Team All Conference – Medals (7)
                                                            2nd Team All Conference – Medals (7)
                                                            Medals will be ordered and provided by commissioner.
Approved:                                            (11/9/16)