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Sept 11, 2019 12:00pm
November 13, 2019 12:00pm
January 15, 2020 12:00pm
March 18, 2020 12:00pm
April 3, 2019 4pm SCC HS before the Scholar Athlete Banquet
May 6, 2019 12:00pm

All Conference Meetings and Forms: send results to Pete Vrieze and Josh Gould for updating

All Conference Spreadsheet Points
Fall Oct 14, 2019  Football, Volleyball, Soccer
Football and Volleyball Champs 7pm
Soccer Amery Sunday Aug 14th, 4:00pm
Winter February 25, 2018 Boys BB, Girls BB,@Champs 7pm Hockey @ Champs NR 7pm
Softball:  May 22  7pm  Champs
Baseball May 22  7pm Champs
Soccer May 22  @ Osceola High School  7pm


Athletic Director in Charge
Volleyball –Ellsworth

Football -St. Croix Central

Boys soccer Osceola

Girls tennis Baldwin Woodville

Cross Country Amery

Girls golf St. Croix Central


Girls basketball Prescott

Boys basketball Somerset

Hockey New Richmond

Wrestling Ellsworth


Track and Field Osceola

Baseball New Richmond

Softball Baldwin Woodville

Girls soccer Osceola

Boys tennis Baldwin Woodville

Boys golf Somerset


MBC Web Page-Amery


Scholar Athlete –Renee Chapek

By Laws- Baldwin

Constitution-  Prescott


Conference Tournament Chart Rotation

  Girls Golf Girls Tennis Cross Country Wrestling Boys Golf Boys Tennis Track
09-10 Amery Durand Prescott Osceola Ellsworth New Richmond Ellsworth
10-11 Baldwin Woodville New Richmond Somerset Durand New Richmond Durand New Richmond
11-12 Ellsworth Osceola Amery Ellsworth Osceola Osceola Osceola
12-13 New Richmond Durand Baldwin Woodville New Richmond Prescott New Richmond Prescott
13-14 Osceola New Richmond Durand Osceola Somerset Durand Somerset
14-15 Prescott Osceola Ellsworth Prescott Amery Osceola Amery
15-16 St. Croix Central Baldwin Woodville New Richmond Somerset Baldwin Woodville New Richmond Ellsworth
16-17 Somerset New Richmond Osceola Amery Ellsworth Osceola New Richmond
17-18 Amery Osceola Prescott Baldwin Woodville New Richmond Baldwin Woodville Osceola
18-19 Baldwin Woodville Baldwin Woodville St. Croix Central Ellsworth Osceola New Richmond St. Croix Central
19-20 Ellsworth New Richmond Somerset New Richmond Prescott BW Somerset
20-21 New Richmond Osceola Amery Osceola St. Croix Central NR Amery
21-22 Osceola Baldwin Woodville Baldwin Woodville Prescott Somerset BW Ellsworth
22-23 Prescott New Richmond Ellsworth St. Croix Central Amery NR New Richmond
All Conference Spreadsheet Points
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